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The best address for your own email addresses

You need email for your own email domain.
You don’t need the hassle of running your own email servers.
Welcome to 25 Mail St.

Affordable pricing:

  • Free: 1 mailbox; up to 500MB of storage; up to 200 sent emails/month; and up to 2,000 forwarded emails/month.
  • $5.00 USD/month. Includes 2 mailboxes; 2GB of storage; 500 sent emails per mailbox per month; 5,000 forwarded emails per month
  • $0.50 USD/mailbox/month for extra mailboxes.
  • $2.00 USD/GB/month for extra storage.
  • $5.00 USD per thousand extra emails sent.
  • $2.00 USD per thousand extra emails forwarded.
No extra charge for extra email addresses (cf. mailboxes) or domains.
  • Your domain.  Your emails.  Your users.  Our hassle free email infrastructure.
  • Get virus and spam filtered email delivered to your @yourdomain.com email addresses.
  • No servers or techie stuff to setup (we take care of that for you).  We take care of backups and uptime as well.
  • Perfect for small and medium businesses with their own domain name.
  • Unlimited users.  Unlimited storage.  Unlimited domains.
  • Free plan.  Or from $5 per month for multiple users.
  • Instant signup..

Web browser access:

  • We provide a convenient webmail client (Roundcube) with each mailbox.
  • Web based control panel to setup new mailboxes and manage email address mappings for your email users.

Get your email any which way:

  • Through the bundled webmail client.  We use Roundcube, a popular, easy to use and good looking webmail client.
  • Use a regular desktop email client (like Thunderbird, or Outlook).
  • On your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and every device which supports IMAP servers).
Email interface
25mail.st email client powered by Roundcube.
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Admin interface
25mail.st admin interface powered by Postfixadmin.
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Simple management features:

  • You control the whole email domain.
  • Manage multiple domains in one account.
  • Auto-responders (e.g. out of office messages).
  • Setup multiple user accounts (mailboxes) if you need them.  Each with their own email folders.
  • Map one or more email addresses to a user account.  e.g. so the sally user gets support@example.com and sally@example.com (or even account@anotherdomain.com).

Bullet-proof email server infrastructure:

  • Secure IMAP, SMTP and POP3 access.
  • Using bullet-proof Open Source email service stalwarts like Postfix (SMTP) and Dovecot (POP3/IMAP).
  • Emails stored on RAID-protected disks.  Backed up regularly.
  • Spam control (using SpamAssassin).  Trainable per user (using Bayesian analysis).
  • Greylisting (to quickly eliminate up to 90% of botnet created spam).
  • Email servers in Dallas, Auckland and London

Affordable pricing:

  • Free for 1 mailbox and up to 500MB of storage.
  • $5/month.  Includes 2 mailboxes and 2GB of storage.
  • Extra mailboxes $0.50/mailbox/month.
  • Extra storage $2/GB/month.
  • No extra charge for extra email addresses (cf. mailboxes) or domains.

Why 25 Mail St.:

  • At RimuHosting our staff have spent over 8 years helping our customers setup email servers on their own machines.
  • We helped our customers to select the most appropriate email hosting stack.  We have configured each piece of the stack.  We got those pieces to work together.  And we helped troubleshoot all sorts of tricky problems.  From configuration issues. To DNS mail records.  In short: we know our techie mail server stuff.
  • Setting up an email server can be hard work.  And hard to get right.  25 Mail St. takes the pain out of that by setting the basics up for you.
  • Some people don’t want to use free mail hosting.  For everyone else, we can offer a hosted, hassle-free, out-of-the-box, ‘just use it’ email server setup.

Sound good? Sign up for a free, no-obligation account.

Login to postfix.admin
First page after you logn that has links to appropriate pages.
List of domains and how many aliases and mailboxes each domain has.
List an overview of all mailboxes and aliases.
Logs recent activity.
Lets you add aliases to a domain.
Change your password.
Create new mailbox for a domain.
Login to 25mail.st Round cube client.
Inbox and folder view. Also a email preview pane which can be turned on and off.
Compose emails.
Add contacts into your address book. When editing email field it will auto complete from this list.
Change settings in here like filters or view settings.